Glovebox Light

Mileage: 88,855KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

Due to unforeseen reasons, I begin to KIV some of the currently running upgrade projects and start looking into the “To Do” list again. The reason being is just to find if by any chance, I skipped any planned upgrades before. “Glovebox Lighting”…. it has been shelved for quite a long time…. time to revive the idea.



From the wiring diagram above, I just need item number 91 (the light) and 92 (the switch). Two options are available for me, either use any suitable light and switch or start scouring over breaker yards to find the “origine, fabriqué en France” items. I chose the latter but the only thing worrying me most is if the seller willing to sell it together with the connectors and necessary wiring.

My CKD 206 does not come with glovebox light (or maybe the whole 1.4 model?), thus the need of some sort of illumination is necessary when searching for items in total darkness.


The parts, cost me RM10.00 from the breaker yardThe parts, cost me RM10.00 from the breaker yard


Extending the 12V+ and ground leadsExtending the 12V+ and ground leadsExtending the 12V+ and ground leads


Prep donePrep done


Based on the diagram above, the 12V supply came from a fuse (F22) at BSI. Since the wiring was cut off and from original layout (donor car), I did see it goes to BSI but it kinda hard to exactly pinpoint where it should connected. Either to a connector in between or straight away to main BSI harness. In conclusion, here are possible way to have it done…

  • Tap to any existing 12V supply either from cigarette lighter, MFD, radio, clock etc. as long as the 12V will be supplied when the ignition is turned on.
  • Tap directly to F22 as diagram above, but you need to find where the lead at the BSI. Will function same as boot lighting or interior cabin lighting.
  • Tap to extra connector found near the Airbag module. This is actually an ashtray lighting coz it will only supply the 12V when the ignition is turned on and the car light is switched on. It does not work like the boot lighting. Switched on irregardless of the ignition and car light state.

I chose the third option coz it was an extra connector which definitely not being use by any and safer due to no tapping to existing 12V lead and BSI (Although, the chances is slim to screw up but it may requires a lot more of DIY hours to be completed, need to open few areas and slice up additional wiring harness).


The extra connector, it was well hidden underneath the HVAC consoleThe extra connector, it was well hidden underneath the HVAC console


Checking for the 12V supplyChecking for the 12V supplyChecking for the 12V supply


Connected with some wiring modsConnected with some wiring mods


Make good of the wiring layoutMake good of the wiring layout




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