Peugeot 206 @ Naza 206 Bestari

Anything about Peugeot 206 (Naza 206 Bestari)

Month: June 2013

Mileage: 97,878KM 100K service is due and I decided from now on to do the service at non-authorized service centre. This is a quick service and I have visited the same workshop twice. The service was done on the second visit and the first visit

Mileage: 96,966KM Do It Yourself: Yes Difficulty: Easy Yay!… Wheel nut cover ordered online (after returned it due to wrong size) has arrived. But the joy was short lived as I stumbled with another issue.    

Mileage: 96,743KM Do It Yourself: Yes Difficulty: Easy The cabin interior light for Bestari…. I would say is out of proportion in term of the surface area vs the light itself. Something is missing here, I wish I could fill it with…. By looking at