Two Tones; Twin Horn

Mileage: 98,611KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Moderate

Another part from 206 GTI180 parts bin. I dislike the standard horn fitting, it sounded… well, not to my liking. It’s a single tone anyway and the throw is not directive enough to warn intended person to notice my location. Being a “Low Trim” option, there must be something from the premium specification that can replace it, hence the 206 GTI180 twin horn.



From Peugeot Service Box websiteFrom Peugeot Service Box website


That’s how it look from the part replacement document and below is the actual part…


206 twin horn206 twin horn206 twin horn


The horn is an O.E.M for Peugeot, manufactured in Italy by FIAMM. The two horn if I’m not mistaken was tuned to 405Hz and 500Hz with 110dB level. Still can’t beat my Stebel TM80 Magnum horn saved from my another ex ride. It sounded more natural with 410Hz and 500Hz at 115dB. Anyway will fix those when the FIAMM burst in the future.

Installation was PITA. I thought its gonna be like walking in the park but end up I have to dismantle the front bumper as it was kinda hard to reach the horn location.


The original hornThe original horn


The upgraded hornThe upgraded horn


The original horn, Klaxon brandThe original horn, Klaxon brand


The horn behind the front bumperThe horn behind the front bumper

Here are the audio samples from both horns. Mind your speaker volume 🙂

Single Tone


Two Tones


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