Fourth Phase Audio Upgrade

Mileage: 103,574KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

I came across to an opportunity which is very hard to resist. Someone posted a sale of Bazooka tube woofer with down to earth price.  Used unit but looks ok to me.

It is a passive tube woofer from Bazooka 2012 Reference Series. Being passive means it need external amplifier to feed those RMS power. Rated output is 400 watt RMS with each voice coil (this is a dual voice coil 8 inch woofer) supplying 200 RMS each with 4 ohm impedance. Fitting Bazooka in my car was my long dream since I experienced the power of Bazooka 6 incher. The size of woofer for Bazooka is not matter as the 6 incher can blow any 10 incher anytime if you set it correctly. The only gripe of having Bazooka is…. it is not meant for competition. SQ or mild SPL should be ok and due to the design of the tube which maximizing the speaker efficiency; speaker burst is quite common for Bazooka.

Bazooka RS804DVBazooka RS804DV


The 8 incher hiding behind the coverThe 8 incher hiding behind the cover


The dual terminalThe dual terminals


The dual terminals gave me a hard time in deciding the wiring method I should use. My SoundStream Picasso amp can only provide 2 ohm stable for 4 channels and 4 ohm stable if bridged. The Bazooka voice coil was set to parallel thus maintaining 4 ohm speaker but 2 ohm load for the amp. I cannot use amp bridged mode for this as it will burst my amp. Configure the Bazooka to serial setup will still maintain 4 ohm speaker but will provide 8 ohm load for the amp, requires more juice to pump it.

In short, I had to resort to use 2 channel method supplying the power to both terminal independently as above. This will provides a total of 110 RMS power to the sub. Moreover, my existing 8 inch sub was configured to play frequency below 80 Hz but the sub only able to achieve the lowest of ~45 Hz. Bazooka able to drop way more to 39 Hz, thus I set it to respond to a frequency below 63 Hz to prevent a muddy bass output. Above 63 Hz will be handled by my component speakers.



I should record using a real camcoder. Using mobile phone, the mic gain made the recorded audio unbalanced…

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    Don’t know whether to hug or kiss you, but really need to thank you for the detailed blog on 206 maintenance in malaysia.

    I’m eyeing this car for my wife. It’s should be safer than buying an overpriced Viva or Myvi.

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