Leaky & Drippin’

Mileage: 108,600KM

Not sure when I had this leaky AL4 but it becomes worst everyday till I had enough of it. Gearbox oil has been dripping heavily and quick solution is needed…



Here are some of the photos, looks critical to me… took 3 days to fix this leaky AL4. The lengthy period of time was due to a lot of work to bring down the whole gearbox assembly. The whole front subframe needs to be disassembled for easy access to the gearbox area.


View from underneath the car


Close-up view from torque converter area


Close-up view from LH drive shaft area


Replaced parts


A few parts have been identified and replaced accordingly. Since this is a major job taken by the mechanic, some parts which already shows some sign of leak have been replaced as well as preventive maintenance. Changed parts are as below:

  • RH drive shaft oil seal
  • LH drive shaft oil seal
  • Torque converter oil seal
  • Gearbox mid-housing o-ring
  • Sensor o-ring x 3
  • Gearbox oil filter


No more leaks


Torque converter area


The bill