110K Service

Mileage: 109,301KM

110K service is due today. Nothing much to service, just need a fresh engine oil, new oil filter and replace the fuel filter.

I brought my own engine oil this time thus I only need to pay for both filters and labour charge only. I’m using Total Quartz 5W50 fully synthetics this time around.



Unfortunately, I had a little incident before I visited the garage. Due to my carelessness doing the engine wiring harness housekeeping; I broke off the fuel vapor hose. Too much force applied during disconnecting the hose thus it fell apart.



Temporary patch while waiting a suitable time to replace the hose



It took me a while to find the best solution to fix this, thanks to one of 206 members whose proposing a suitable petrol hose. It was from a cub bike petrol hose. Cost me 5 bucks with free clips. Quite cheap compared with new part (around RM500 for a full set).