110K Service

Mileage: 109,301KM

110K service is due today. Nothing much to service, just need a fresh engine oil, new oil filter and replace the fuel filter.

I brought my own engine oil this time thus I only need to pay for both filters and labour charge only. I’m using Total Quartz 5W50 fully synthetics this time around.



Unfortunately, I had a little incident before I visited the garage. Due to my carelessness doing the engine wiring harness housekeeping; I broke off the fuel vapor hose. Too much force applied during disconnecting the hose thus it fell apart.



Temporary patch while waiting a suitable time to replace the hose



It took me a while to find the best solution to fix this, thanks to one of 206 members whose proposing a suitable petrol hose. It was from a cub bike petrol hose. Cost me 5 bucks with free clips. Quite cheap compared with new part (around RM500 for a full set).

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  1. Hi Mr. Bug
    I just have my “future” 206 checked in SC and they told me that the engine oil is leaking into the coolant tank. Some honey-like yellow sludge on the cap and floating in the tank. I test drive it very nice condition and make a deposit until I decided to make a check before full payment.

    SC offer an overhaul and I ask for some WS owners there said it has a cheaper solution such as changing gasket or transmission oil leaking.

    The mileage is only 55k so I wonder if you face the same problem before

    1. Well, prepare yourself coz this might make a big dent on your wallet if you are not carefully to identify and find the root cause of it. I never experience leaking oil to coolant before but leaking transmission. The latter cost me around 1K but if I strikeout a few parts, it will cost cheaper actually. For transmission leaking, as long as it did not requires to drop the whole transmission, then it will cost you couple of hundreds only. Outer seals like driveshaft oil seal, sensors o-ring etc. cost is cheaper but if it involves internal seals, then it cost more due to labour needed to dismantle the transmission. For your case, the coolant can mix with engine oil thru the head gasket. The only way to identify is by looking at the engine oil color to identify whether there is water seeping into it. Check your engine dip stick and engine oil cap to be sure. You can see a white sludge on it. If the leaking is thru transmission, the only place is thru the transmission heat exchanger. This one requires checking on transmission oil. How is your engine temperature reading when cruising around 70KM/H. Does it below 90 degree or beyond that and stay there above 90 most of the time? Engine overheating is the majority cause for coolant leaking due to head gasket burnt. Other may be caused by wear and tear. Please monitor the coolant level as well, if you need frequent top up… then you have leaks somewhere.

  2. I have to express my greatest gratitude to you. Before noticing you reply I phoned to a very well-famed repairman far from my place and he give a similar answer. But we didn’t talk to much as he is in business. You are indeed an expert.

    I have pushed it till 110km on the highway during my test drive and did not observe any obvious overheating. Not paying very much to the temp meter but the engine just running smooth. After the drive, my salesman open the bonnets it seems just fine.

    When I called back to Service advisor he mentioned that no water or milky sludge found in the dip stick. If you are right it probably came from transmission. However he is proposing an overhaul which will cost us 5~6k. Then I came to you.

    Are you an repairman yourself? Which city you are in? I would love to buy you a drink sometimes, if you are comfortable.

    1. Nope, I’m not a foreman but I love to see what’s running in my car. Mostly DIY-kind of a guy. I’m living in Kota Damansara Selangor.

      If you are confirm the leak is from transmission oil. Then it must be from the heat exchanger. Do you experience jerkiness (loud bang or hesitation in gear change)? If no, then no need to overhaul the whole transmission but be quick to rectify the issue. You may need to change the heat exchanger and flush out the transmission oil couple of times (maybe two or three cycles with some driving mileage in between) and please do not use the flush machine, simply drain and top up will do.

      Here is my article bout water ingress into my transmission. http://www.bug206.com/2011/12/my-lion-cant-swim.html

    1. The best way to pin point the issue is by draining a bit your engine and transmission oil. See which one looks milky.

  3. Was wondering what color it give engine oil + water and transmission oil + water. Apologize for the spamming s. Being so tired to search for a car, thought it came to an end, turns out it is a start for me to explore the mechanism of this car. Your previous post were fabulous and I have learnt a lot. Thanks.

    1. Looks milky, color almost like nescafe or milk coffee. Your engine oil should be black and transmission oil should be transparent light brown color if ok (almost like cooking oil). If both of the oil looks ok, then the damage is minor. It is oil that mix with the coolant not the other way around. 🙂

  4. Some very old post from Taiwan group proposed that if it is engine oil….the color of mixed coolant will be dark. I think it is most probably transmission heat exchange issues. Supposingly if oil is leaking out water is going in. Where will the water goes…hmmm? Hope that tomorrow’s sifu is experience enough to solve this. The SC totally disappointed me, still thank them for pointing out the issue though.

    1. The water will be in the transmission since it can’t go anywhere like engine block (vaporization and exhaust).

  5. i have some problem here and i needed advice urgently. today i took my car in and the aircon was not working well, and also somewhat oil leaking and was told that the oil has leak inside the coolent area..and was told by the service center that my car needs to be over haul. i cant afford the huge price and i need second opinion to have it check it out in ipoh area..anyone know where can i go beside chin motor, Peugeot center ? SOS

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