Single Line 2 Multi Line

Mileage: 111,041KM

In pursuing to upgrade the trim level of my lion, this is the one of three items which I can categorized as the most expensive (even for a used unit). The level of upgrade will start from MFD -> Comm2000 -> Rain Sensor / Windscreen. These upgrades will take a long time to complete as I need to study to make sure these “retro-fitting” works and does not explode my car. A lot of mix and match needed to reach the objective.



I did manage to get a hold of multi line display to upgrade my current single line MFD. Price at the local car breaker yard is a bit expensive but it is comparatively same if I bought it through e-Bay. Additionally, I have the advantage to return / replace it if it does not work.


Single line on top; multi line at the bottom


PP-T40; 3 bulbs for multiplex system


Made by Sagem



First time connecting it to the system and straight away there was an issue with this unit. What an odd to had all the bulbs blew at the same time. The display is without any sort of back lighting. It was so dim that the information displayed can’t barely seen if I cover the display with my hand (restricting any source of light).


After replacing all the bulbs (taken from my single line display)


Display showing all right hand side open doors and boot


At the moment, there is no trip meter shown as I need to replace the Comm2000 with trip functionality to be able to change the date display with all the mileage counters. Either I source another Comm2000 or modify the current unit. Big decision to make and deep wallet required.