Single Line 2 Multi Line

Mileage: 111,041KM

In pursuing to upgrade the trim level of my lion, this is the one of three items which I can categorized as the most expensive (even for a used unit). The level of upgrade will start from MFD -> Comm2000 -> Rain Sensor / Windscreen. These upgrades will take a long time to complete as I need to study to make sure these “retro-fitting” works and does not explode my car. A lot of mix and match needed to reach the objective.



I did manage to get a hold of multi line display to upgrade my current single line MFD. Price at the local car breaker yard is a bit expensive but it is comparatively same if I bought it through e-Bay. Additionally, I have the advantage to return / replace it if it does not work.


Single line on top; multi line at the bottom


PP-T40; 3 bulbs for multiplex system


Made by Sagem



First time connecting it to the system and straight away there was an issue with this unit. What an odd to had all the bulbs blew at the same time. The display is without any sort of back lighting. It was so dim that the information displayed can’t barely seen if I cover the display with my hand (restricting any source of light).


After replacing all the bulbs (taken from my single line display)


Display showing all right hand side open doors and boot


At the moment, there is no trip meter shown as I need to replace the Comm2000 with trip functionality to be able to change the date display with all the mileage counters. Either I source another Comm2000 or modify the current unit. Big decision to make and deep wallet required.


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  1. Hi bug, is the multiplex system module PP-T40 made by sagem?
    Just replace the module and don’t need transform any wiring?
    is it need PP2000 to activate the new module?

    1. Hi Felix,

      As far as I know, the MFD is made by Sagem. I just replaced it, plug and play and no wiring job involve. You may need PP2000 in case some of the info is not displaying on the MFD. Most likely the radio and CD changer (if you have one) info.

  2. Hi Bug,
    Thanks for your kind reply…still try to find the PP-T40 now, but maybe need your help again after get new module..

  3. Hi Bug,

    Found your site via google when searching for information to enhance/upgrade/maintain (well, depending on how you interpret :)) my 206.

    I have a year 2002 xr 1.4 model. There are many repair required, am starting with Headlamp, changing from phase 1 to phase 2.

    Also ordered PP2000 and should be in by next week.

    Meanwhile, I have an issue. My MFD is single line, and it keeps reseting randomly. I have no idea where to look for the issue.

    Do you have any idea how this happened?

    My workshops are not able to advise me. They did replace my BSM B2 to an used B3, seems to cure my staring problem, but MFD still keep reseting randomly.

    I am thinking whether I should replace the BSM to a new one, currently available new unit is B5, not sure if it works, and possibly Comm 2000, coz the light stalk wobble, making my headlamp like ghost car.

    Grateful if you are able to provide some kind of advice.

    Thanks in advance

  4. Hello, very useful article, I am planing the same upgrade to my peugeot 206. The only thing I am worried about is my current display is clock only with 6 pin connector. Is it possible to change the connector from 6 pin to 18 pin for mfd display?


      1. Bug can you please help me? i’ve got a multi line display and if i plugged it into the connector , my radio will not work mind walking me through?

      2. Yes, clock only display with 6 pin connector on the back. Also the car has outside temperature sensor on the left wing mirror but the display is hours and minutes only so replacing the clock only display with multifunctional display with outside temp. sensor connected on it will be great upgrade for my 206 1.4 HDI, 2004.


  5. Hi Bug, New Naza Owner…..Your COMM2000 and MULTI Line display MFD looks pretty kickass…I happened to just bust my single line display MFD using cockroach repellent, Long story Dont ask lol….where can I get the multi line MFD? also If I install the COMM2000 I get fuel average and all that? can I by any chance install all these on my own? and where can I get them. THANKS YOU

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