Beep… Beep… Part II

Mileage: 111,704KM

This is just an enhancement of my current alarm system. I came across factory supplied alarm button which is more convenient and easy to reach button than the one supplied by the alarm accessory. The replacement was from 206 GTI.


The supplied switch, looks flimsy and hard to reach

The supplied switch from the alarm package was fixed underneath the steering column.


The rear view of the switch


Unfortunately, the wiring for the switch is quite short as the alarm button will be fixed at the handbrake console. Thus, it requires an extension.


Done, using copper connectors to extend the wiring


The other end of the wiring


The whole gear and handbrake consoles have to be dismantled in order to lay the wiring securely along the car chassis.


Connected to the switch before fixing into the console


Done, 45 minutes job


If you are wondering what is this switch for? It is to disarm temporarily the alarm’s interior proximity sensors. In case you need to activate the alarm with open windows or etc.


The proximity sensor


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