Seat Belt with Alarm

Mileage: 112,749KM

Beautiful Saturday morning with nothing else to do, thus I proceed with another project. Seat belt warning or in Peugeot parts documentation, it is called “Front Seat Belt with Alarm”. The idea to activate this feature was struck on my mind when I suddenly came across an online sale of 206 RC / GTI180 front seat belt. It does have an extra wiring which will connect to somewhere. The purchase, I would say, quite rush coz I did not check my ride for the necessary wiring underneath the seat before I pressed the checkout button. Alas, I managed to fix it and it works.


The replacement is on the left


Seat belt warning is an optional feature in some countries but it is available as standard fitment for seat which has side airbag. Thus GTI and CC do have this feature in Malaysia. So guys, if you wanted to change your front seat, find the one with side airbag. Bear in mind, for 206, only the driver side has this function.

Fixing the buckle is a straightforward job. You need a Torx T30, 16mm wrench, cable tie and a PP2000 diagnostic software. You will need to remove the front seat and the bottom part of B pillar interior plastic cover to be able to find and route the wiring underneath the carpet.


Fixing the buckle onto the seat


Laid the cable underneath the seat and secured with cable ties


Green for the side airbag, white for the seat belt


The black connector for the airbag side impact sensor, fix on the protruding metal rod


Route the cable thru the carpet opening



Fix the seat and make good of the cable by routing it along the seat frame and secured with cable ties. Just make sure it won’t block the movement of the seat (fore and aft) coz it will snap.

Once I’m done with all the hard part, I fired up my trusted PP2000 to activate the warning.


Default settings


The new presets


Ignore the last one, it is for the car speed warning buzzer which is irritating once activated. It continuously buzzing you once you reached the set limit and beyond.


 Once the BSI saved the new configuration, the warning telltale light appeared (the leftmost light)


How it works? Once you switched on the ignition, the telltale light will light up. If you didn’t fasten your seat belt and drive away with the speed above ~20 km/h and beyond, the telltale will blink, a buzzer sound emitted with gradually increase the volume (for 2 minutes only) and the MFD will display like below…


Done, what’s next…. Maybe the front seat with side airbags?

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  1. Salam,
    banyak info yang boleh dipelajari.
    tq Bug.
    anda tidak teringin untuk tukar kasut baru singa anda?

  2. En. nak tukar rim kereta. Pakai 15 inci tu mmg ok ke? Tiada apa2 masalah?Sy xpandai sangat pasal kereta…maaf ye.

    1. Yang mudah dapatkan rim asal Peugeot dari model 206, 307 atau yg sama generasi pengeluaran.

  3. I bought the same gti seat belt with alarm, and I didn’t found the male wire cable to connect it :(. What should I do? Hope you can answer me. Thank you.

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