Trip Meter

Mileage: 111,611KM

Finally, I managed to display trip reading on the MFD. I chose to modify my existing COMM2000 instead of replacing it with another unit. However, I need to find another unit of COMM2000 because I need the trip button from it. Fortunately, my friend willing to part away his unused and busted COMM2000 for me to continue this experiment.



It is a straight forward job but it requires a steady hand especially on the COMM2000 unit that is still attached to the car. All in all, it is a 30 minutes job. No need to configure anything on the BSI (on my car, you mileage maybe vary) as the trip reading has been activated from the factory. From now on, the MFD able to display following values just at the tip of the button (the display will rotate on every press, pressing longer than 2 seconds will reset the stored values)…

  • Clock
  • The range / distance to empty
  • The distance traveled
  • The average fuel consumption
  • The current fuel consumption
  • The average speed

The steps…

Donor COMM2000 from 1.6 XT


The given  COMM2000 has an issue with the trip function. I’m more interested on the physical button itself thus the issue with the contact ring for trip button is not my concern and not required in this mod.



Using a pointed steel rod to pull out the trip button. There are two clips need to be released on 0 and 180 degree position (slightly a few degree clockwise). Watch out for the spring.


The trip button


My original button on the left, the donor button on the right


Need to remove the stopper pin (red circle)


Using a nail cutter, I removed the stopper pin which was there to prevent the original button from being sunk into the stalk. Remove it to allow the replacement trip button moves freely. That’s all from now.


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  1. Just a quick tip for others. You don’t actually need to buy a trip button. The contacts are all there, simply pop out the old button, cut the plastic on the end that prevents it from moving, add a spring, some grease and glue in a 1-2 mm thick plastic rod. Assemble it back together and you are done, practically for free.

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