Rain & Light Sensor – Retrofitting

Mileage: 114,501KM

This will be the final mod which is related to my existing modifications on MFD and COMM2000. To have the rain sensor involves a large sum of cash if I want the outcome as according to factory specification. It requires a different type of windscreen which has all the necessary parts to fit the sensor. Alas, I’m still using my current windscreen because TBH, I was a bit skeptical on the end result. Let’s have some experiments first and I will deal with aesthetical features later on.

I managed to secure an used unit of rain sensor from abroad. Cost me around GBP20 including shipping. Additionally, I need to procure silicone adhesive pad to fit the sensor onto the windscreen and it cost me another GBP9.50.

Apart from the above items, I replaced my end stalk button from another spare COMM2000 for auto lighting activation.


From top right; the sensor, end stalk button, silicone pad & sensor IR plastic lens


Rain sensor details


Rain sensor with IR plastic lens fitted


If you would like to buy the rain sensor, just make sure it comes with the IR plastic lens and in good condition. The condition of this lens will affect the sensor efficiency.


Rain sensor cable


The rain sensor cable was tucked inside the roof headlining, somewhere above the driver sun blind. Routed the cable to the center of the roof.


The sensor connector



Since my windscreen is tinted, I need to make a cutout to make sure it won’t interfere with the sensor. Using the sensor lens as the template and glass cleaner to clean up all the adhesive residue.



While waiting for the windscreen to dry up, I begin with fixing the silicone pad onto the sensor lens. The fixing is a bit straight forward but just make sure it won’t create any air pocket and covers the whole sensor points (eight for the wiper and two for the light). The pad was fitted slightly to one side.


The lens on the windscreen


Original button on the left, replacement on the right




Next, I proceed with the replacement of the button stalk while waiting for the lens to be bonded perfectly on the windscreen.


All is done, view without the rear view mirror


Eye level view, with rear view mirror and the sensor is hidden behind it


Outside view of the sensor


Well, I could not fix the sensor as per factory specification. Lack of vacuum environment which is crucial in fixing the sensor hence a few bubbles appeared. Anyway, as long as it did not obstructing the sensor critical area, it’s good to go.

Yeah…. All the hard part for this modification is done. Now, it is time for the configuration and hopefully PP2000 able to activate the sensor.


Activating the rain sensor in BSI


Activating the light sensor


Rain sensor details


Testing out the end stalk button


From now on, my intermittent wiper speed will be replaced by auto wiper speed. Activating by pushing the stalk upwards.



Auto light can be activated / deactivated by pressing the signal end stalk button for more than 3 seconds. It can only be done when the key is turned to ACC (1st click).



Since my BSI has the recent version of software, there are some differences in operation compared with the earlier version of BSI. For example:

  • The follow me home light will not activate automatically when switching off the engine on my car. I have to use the pull stalk method.
  • The automatic wiping function will be activated all the time (does not matter if the car ignition has been switched off previously) as long as the stalk is resting at intermittent position.