Girgio Micro Carbonio

Mileage: 117,573KM

Another interior upgrade, cost me roughly RM680 to have it. “Girgio Micro Carbonio” is actually a term for micro carbon effect for 206 RC / GTI180 interior fascia equipment. Upgrade include following items:

  • MFD cowling
  • Centre fascia
  • Both aircond vent
  • All interior door lever cover
  • Leather binnacle / instrument cluster cover

Pictures after the break…

Interior door lever cover


Aircond vent


Leather binnacle


MFD cowling


Centre fascia


Another thing still missing is Girgio Micro Carbino side mirror top cover 🙁 . Still could not find it as all sellers wanted to sell it in a complete set with the side mirror.


2 thoughts on “Girgio Micro Carbonio”

  1. Hey bro, there is one saturday i send my car for servicing and saw your car at the workshop in kota damansara. nice car u have there, im wondering how and where could i get the leather meter cluster cover.

    1. The leather meter cover is actually from 206 RC / GTI180 model. I got it from UK thru eBay.

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