Brake Disc & Pad {Revisited} – Phase 1

Mileage: 120,557KM
DIY Level: Medium

It’s about time my braking system requires some tender and care. This entry will only covers the front disc brake only, I will cover the rear braking system on next article later. The reason being is that time was so jealous on me hence I could not proceed with the rear braking system yet. Will do it when time permits.

For this time around, I will change the parts from Brembo disc + genuine pad combo to all around TRW Lucas parts. I could not find a good Brembo deal in short period of time and Brembo brand currently is in the mainstream market thus to find the best quality like two years ago is like finding a needle in the haystack (imitation is on the rise nowadays). Brembo now is made under license from Chinese factory (info not from a reliable source; just a hearsay).




As usual, the replacement process was done at the workshop due to the requirement of heavy tools. The workshop provided me the access to some tools, working space and assisted me in procuring the parts; and the tasks were done by myself.

Tools Required:

  1. Uplifting tools
  2. Wrench 17mm (for wheels)
  3. Torx 55
  4. Torx 30
  5. Wrench 13mm
  6. Iron hammer

Parts and costs:

  1. Brake Disc – TRW DF1221 (O.E.: 4249.96) RM250.00
  2. Brake Pad – TRW GDB1500 (O.E.: 4253.03) RM185.00

Here are some pictures of the process…

The disc packaging


The brake pad



Brembo disc (deep grooves) and genuine pads (just a few mm left)


Front view of the pads


So thin…


New and old stuffs


TRW stamping


So thick…


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