1, 2, 3… What’s Next?

Mileage: 121,028KM

Well, it was an unfortunate month for me. 3 strikes in the row, major issues with me missing all the first three Saturdays of the month.

I will divide this article into three parts which tackled all the issues I had in this month.


First Week

This is the continuation of my Brake and Disk {Revisited} article. Considered as Phase 2. I thought it will be a walk in the park to replace the brake shoes and the whole brake fluid, but I was stumbled upon a leaking slave pump thus the whole Saturday gone.

Only the left side was leaky but I changed both just as preventive measure. Same went to my brake shoes. The original was still thick but I changed it anyway.  Well the whole system was sealed for almost 5 years and clocked 120K KM. If I knew I will have another two issues after this, I won’t change everything heheheh.

The cost:

  • 2 x TRW Rear Brake Slave Pump – RM280.00
  • 1 x TRW Rear Brake Shoe (1 set) – RM210.00
  • Labor Charge – RM70.00

There are few things learnt from this maintenance. Firstly, all the original parts are made by TRW. Secondly, I experienced a long travel of brake pedal. Almost additional 3 inches compare with the normal distance when pressed. Turned out, it was the issue with the brake reservoir, there were traces of water in the brake fluid. So, I had to dismantled the whole reservoir, cleaned and blew it then fixed it back. The whole ordeal took less than 30 minutes but I have to replace the fluid again.



5 years and 120K KM; never open till now


After cleaned up, still with original brake shoe. This is the leaky valve side.


Slight wear and tear.






The new pump


The original brake shoe


Brake fluid reservoir service



It did not stop there… I noticed an abnormality on my car front wheel thread, most obvious was the left wheel. The inner wheel looks like it was scuffed thus the wheel thread was not balance at all. The outer side will have a higher and thicker thread than the inner side. After done a thorough check, it was the left steering inner rod. Arghh… Cost me RM340 to change both and another RM50 for the labor.





The top rod was the culprit


Second Week

The brake was marvelous for the whole week. Thus I plan to visit the workshop to clean up the engine bay. There are still some left over residue in the bay due to last service. Alas, after the whole clean up exercise; my car won’t crank. The battery is OK, immobilizer is OK…. what’s else? Turned out, it was the starter motor. Luckily, it decided to give up on the right time… which is at the workshop. I replaced the motor with an OEM unit but it is for Citroen AX (Proton Tiara). The cost is RM400 including labor. Sorry no picture of the new motor.



Third Week

Another part gave up. This time it was the alternator. Actually, I noticed the charging performance having some issue. It reminded me two weeks ago (when I’m doing the brake system) by flashing “Battery Charger Fault” error on the MFD and followed by battery icon on the instrument. It did that intermittently and when I sent to mechanic, it did not shows any of the symptoms. I did notice that the charging volt was in the region of 13.8v and 13.6v.

A day before, the error came out 5 times which I had to stop over the shoulder to clear out the fault (by restarting the car) and continue the journey. It did that for the half way of the journey and did nothing for the other half. It still puzzling me but I determined to get this thing sorted out. This time around, the charging rate was at the region of 12.7v and 12.4v.

Had this part replace with a used Valeo unit. RM400 is the cost with labor.


Need to clear the power steering pump to access the alternator. Emm, this part does not look good.


It was a hard job to undo the connector hence it broke the plastic casing


Look at all the grimes


Ahhh, a nice shower cleared things up



The original



The replacement


Off load voltage


On load voltage (headlights and aircond)

That’s all folks… maintenance for the month of June before Ramadhan. Still left with the wheels thou. Need to replace the not so balance front wheels.

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  1. Hi could you please suggest me any best workshop to service either in KL /Shah Alam, beside Bluebox glenmarie and Geotauto PJ,

  2. Hi. Can I know how do you find out the tyre wear culprit was due to the tie rod? Thanks in advance.

    1. Everything else checked and looks good. Tie rod was not in good shape and lots of free play.

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