Eibach Pro-System

Mileage: 130,557KM

Finally, I managed to have a complete set of Eibach suspension system. This system will make my ride ~20mm lower than the stock suspension. I did not go for the “High Performance” system but a modest setup called Eibach Pro-System.


Eibach Pro-System consists of a set of shock absorbers and springs namely Pro-Damper and Pro-Kit respectively. It took me couple of months to have these two items and forgive me, I could not recall the exact amount paid.

The estimation cost is as follows:

  • Eibach Pro-Damper (P/N: E60-70-002-01-22 for all 206 models)- ~RM1,500
  • Eibach Pro-Kit (P/N: E7023-120 for 206 1.1 and 1.4) – ~RM710

These items are not sourced locally due to the exorbitant price set by the local distributors. Thus, I have resorted to source it online and have it shipped to me. The Pro-Damper is an old stock and I think it was made by Sachs. Newer Eibach shock absorber is made by Bilstein.



Nice packaging from the seller


Front shock absorbers



Rear shock absorbers


Only two springs are needed for 206




The front Pro-System setup


Fixing the rear shock absorber


Close-up view


Before – the height of the front suspension




After – the height of rear suspension, no adjustment made to the torsion bars


Overall look of the car stance