140K Service

Mileage: 138,856KM

Two things need to be done this time around. Engine timing belt change and whatever components related to it, and scheduled engine lube service which is already due.



Started off with the easiest task which is to change the engine lube. This will be a 30 minutes top job. I still stick with the previous brand and nothing much need to be changed this time around apart from the lube itself and the engine oil filter.



The next task is a very daunting for me, maybe it is walk in the park for the experts. Took almost 2 hours to finish it and majority of the time taken was waiting for the parts to arrive.

Anyway, for the timing belt service (sometime it will  be referred as “motor kit”), I opted the following part replacement:

  1. original motor kit – RM310.00
  2. original auxiliary / alternator belt – RM95.00
  3. original 5 liters coolant – RM90.00
  4. OEM engine water pump (Airtex) – RM200.00


Prepped and ready!


Auxiliary belt removed


The belt condition, with some stone embedded and cracks


Awaiting for the water pump


I did not manage to capture few photos of the water pump. Anyway, below is the sample of the water pump from the internet.


Yup, the propeller is made from plastic


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  1. Hi Mr Bug,

    Today my Naza 206 gives me problem. Can’t start the engine.The white color icon (looks like engine) and the battery icon is also turn on. What could be the problem? Yesterday drove it to nearby for late shopping at around 5.30pm and switch off engine at 6.45pm when back. Everything went smoothly but this morning cannot start the car. Please advise.

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