Maintenance Pack

Mileage: 140,556KM

Additional maintenance service for my lion. This is due to some items need to be replaced because of wear and tear; other is due to product upgrade path.

This time around, 2 accessories and 1 engine part involved.


Carpet Mats

5 years down the road, the mats have shown some wear and tear especially on driver side. I’ve been looking for a replacement (original, of course!) for some time but I could not find any that is suit to my needs. Once in the blue moon, I had stumble upon a good used mats but, oh well, it looks “used”. To import a new unit will cost an arm and leg. The retail price is ok but the shipping cost will kill you. Unless, you have a plan to import a large quantity or to ship together with other things.

Fortunately, I came across with a new unit (Thanks Tony!). Original accessory for 206 for less than RM200. Part #: 9663.33 from Netherlands. This is a normal carpet mats, Peugeot do have “Premium” mats which is a bit thicker.



My seasoned mat


Instruction booklet


Comes with locking pegs, no more slip mat after this


My car has the locking pegs fixed from the factory, so no need to fix the one supplied by the accessory


Close up view of the locking plug





Rear passenger carpet mat



Pivot Voltage Stabilizer

My trusted Pivot Blue Voltage Stabilizer (VS) has served me well throughout the 10 years. It has served two cars with 5 years for each. Due to its age, I have decided to find a replacement and upgrade it to the latest model. I’m still stick with Pivot brand and for this time around, I locked at Mega Raizin, Pivot flagship VS.

There is a lot of clone Pivot in the market. Some are easy to spot the difference, other is the price offered is way below the retail price. Some offer bundled with additional items which is not in line with Pivot own offering. If you like to buy one, find a reputable sellers. Do some home work / leg work to avoid disappointment or being cheated. Some sellers are very sincere on this and will let you know if the unit is an original from Japan or a clone from Taiwan. I had mine from Kakimotor for RM400.






The Mega (new) and Blue (retired)


Crank voltage (lowest)


Nominal charging voltage

Damn! When I had the VS installed, I noticed that some of the engine wiring harness are showing a sign of wear. Cracks and it perished when I touched it. Need to replace those harness.




Took me an hour to replace all the affected harness.

Power Steering Pump

When I dropped by to Peugeot service centre for the first time (first service), I noticed a leakage on my power steering pump area. I just assumed that it may due to the lubrication access which was forced by the pump pressure, I just closed my eye on this until 5 years later, when I had a chance to access this area again due to alternator faulty, my mechanic informed me that my pump is having a leakage and it is not a common behavior for the pump to spit out the lubrication.

I have a leaky pump all this while and I just assumed the leakage is a common thing. My alternator died may due to this. To find a good unit is like searching a needle in the haystack. New unit will cost you in the region of 1.2K and it does not guarantee you will have a non-leaky unit. I opted on a used unit for RM250. The replacement unit is slightly older than the one I had based on the part number. Moreover, there is design difference between the two pump but it does not have difference in the performance so far.



My original pump, the cap was replaced twice so far because of slight leakage on it and it still leaking up until the replacement.



The main culprit, the leakage was originated from the seal at the pulley side.



The replacement unit


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  1. Nice blog u had. Learn lot from here. I own one lion 206 also. But i had problem on alternator. Difficult to find one at my hometown. Can u share where i can find good supplier for spare part. Contact me by email:

  2. Really cool blog! learned quite a few handy tricks from here since i had some centre console problems with the clock and stereo which you did a guide on replacing. Awesome! I myself have a 206, its a 2004 plate with a 1.4 engine.
    I look forward to seeing more posts!

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