Fifth Phase Audio Upgrade

Mileage: 142,886KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

Fifth phase audio upgrade. I ditched my Pioneer head unit and replaced it with Alpine set. Since the HU is gone, same goes to Connect2 audio stalk controller. The main reason I changed to Alpine is that some of the their OEM Remote Stalk controller is able  to display audio information on the OEM display aka MFD. Something that I missed when I did the HU shopping last time. Thanks to Tony for the lead, next TT on me (When?).


The Alpine unit that I ordered is not meant for Asia Pacific region. Thus, I have to import it from UK since it is for European market. The controller is made by Alpine as well and it only can pair with certain Alpine HU and it was from Germany. Talk about limited choices that I have.

The HU cost me RM1,212.00 plus shipping; and the controller is RM450.00 including shipping. The HU model is CDE-178BT and the controller is AFP-D100PS. Almost a month, the units reached my door steps.






Some prep work on the wiring harness, mainly connecting the ISO HU harness with the controller harness. All the bundled harness are plug n play to existing car wiring unlike harness from local market HU (open ended).


206_Alpine_SteeringController_03Out the old HU


206_Alpine_SteeringController_04What a mess!


206_Alpine_SteeringController_05The packaging


206_Alpine_SteeringController_06USB extension cable


206_Alpine_SteeringController_07Comes with electronic manual


206_Alpine_SteeringController_08HU bracket fixed


206_Alpine_SteeringController_09Rear view of the bracket



Best thing about European HU is it comes with all the fitting needed to secure it to the fascia.


So unfortunate for me, almost completed the whole task. One of the RCA cable decided to give away. I had to remove it from the dashboard all the way to the amplifier which is situated in the boot.



206_Alpine_SteeringController_14The blue connector is the culprit, missing one side of the audio channel


206_Alpine_SteeringController_15The rescuer, my old trusty Macrom RCA cable




206_Alpine_SteeringController_17The microphone



The new features offered by the HU that I like most / reason to upgrade compared with the old HU:

  1. Bluetooth audio support – for audio player and phone
  2. Time correction
  3. Advanced crossover

The no so good things:

  1. The display is bluish and a bit off with others
  2. No motorized opening mechanism for the face plate
  3. The stalk controller has a bit delay compared with the previous


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  1. Very nice vehicle integration upgrade. Enjoyed seeing the behind-the-scenes progress pictures.

  2. Hi brother ,Can i get ur contact ?or u add me 012 588 8581
    I got a lot of things to ask u…thanks

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