Auto Dimming Mirror

Mileage: 149,216KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Medium

I had this idea since the retrofitting of the rain and light sensor but there was a setback, the windscreen. To have it fixed on the original windscreen is doable but it does not look proper and nice. Since I had my windscreen replaced, the idea of having it emerged. In PSA term, auto dimming mirror is called electrochromatic mirror, P/N: 8154.Jx and it is from 307 part bin actually.



The mirror was procured from e-Bay at a cost of RM150 + shipping. The installation was a straight forward job but some modifications are necessary to adapt the mirror to 206. Moreover, there is no BSI required for this installation and it was a mere 12V DC input.


Original 206 mirror, the base is required for this mod


307 electrochromatic mirror


The rear view of the mirror


Remove the metal clip to dismantle the metal base from the mirror



Remove the blue connector. The wiring codes are as follow:

  • Grey – Reverse gear input
  • Beige – 12V input
  • Black – Ground

The grey is not connected at the moment and it is mainly use to switch off the auto dimming function when you are about to reverse. This requires additional long wiring to tap to either the reverse light or BSI.


To separate original mirror from the base. Just clamped the mirror in between your feet and pull the base upwards.


Cable extension for 12V input to the mirror


Drilling work required to make away the cable. Remove the nipple first before drilling. Use no.3 drill bit then follow up with no. 4.



The 12V input socket (black), actually this extra socket may be used for sun roof. The other socket are interior light (green) and map reading light (brown).





Simulated dimming function


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  1. Bro, may i have the link to the site that you purchase the mirror? try search but there’s only limited info. might wanna get 1 to fit in my 207. thanks

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