Rain & Light Sensor – Revisit

Mileage: 147,600KM

It was so unfortunate for me that I had a cracked windscreen and to make thing worse, the replacement windscreen is not easily available here. Yup, I’m looking for the one that has rain and light sensor filter fitted from the factory since it is cracked, why not looking a proper windscreen for the sensor.

Rang my trusty supplier to pre-order the windscreen and after 4 months, it arrived at my doorstep (this is second shipment as the I had issue with the first, the reason for the long delivery period).

Arrangement has been done with my insurance panel. I’m not forking any money for this replacement and the total cost was RM1,500.00. All has been taken care by the windscreen installer. They even cost in the part in the claim except the rear view mirror. The current unit is not compatible with the new windscreen, thus I have to buy another rear view mirror. RM50 for the used unit.


The original “cracked” windscreen


Removal process, 30 minutes top with cleaning and preparation


Waiting for the new windscreen



Rain and light sensor filter fitted, no more messing with silicon


Fitting the rear view mirror


Made by … for the lion


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