Mileage: 143,772KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Medium

My front brake disc warped! Cruising at 80 KM/H and gently pressed the brake pedal, the whole steering wheel shook badly. Well, it might be the brake disc and pad combo did not live up to my expectation. This happened right after two rounds of 206 group “Weekend Drive”.



Time to change the set although the one fitted is barely touching 10K on the odometer. Sadly, I have to bite the dust. Consequences of having too much fun around the corners. This time around, I’m back to the root by fixing the original disc coz I had a good deal on the price. However, I’m going to match it with non-original pads. This is the first time I will be using this brand, let see if it can live up to its name. The chosen pad for this time is EBC Greenstuff. A UK brand with mixed reviews in the internet. Well, as long as it perform same or better than the original, I’m OK with it.


206_Brake_Service_04The warped disc

The warped discs is made by TRW and the pads is the original Peugeot part (made by Jurid).


Peugeot original brake disc, 266mm in diameter


206_Brake_Service_08 EBC packaging


206_Brake_Service_10 EBC Greenstuff pads


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