150K Service

Mileage: 149,356KM

150K service due and apart from usual engine oil change, I’m going to replace the transmission oil and some rubber bushes at the front suspension system.



For this round of service, I’m not going to use Amsoil lubricant due to stock unavailability. Hence, I will use what ever stock that the workshop has and it was Petronas Syntium 3000. The rest are common original parts for the oil filter and transmission oil.



Halfway in the service process, I had a second thought. Rang my supplier and asked them to supply me Liqui Moly instead.



Cost me RM240 for this 5 liter and decided to change the roll bar bushes as well.



Alas, I have to scrapped the bushes replacement work due to the bushes supplied were in wrong size. 19mm vs 20mm, the latter is the original size from the old bushes. Have to refit the old ones until I can find the correct bushes.


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  1. Hai, need ur opinion. im using naza 206 also n from the first month i bought it till to date i always have problem with this car. Now i’m looking for standard rim Naza 206, if second hand also no prob as long the rim quality is ok, do u know where can i get it? Thanks

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