Drippin’ Green Stuff

Mileage: 154,100KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Medium

This issue has haunting me quite long. I found the root cause much earlier but due to part unavailability coz of low demand, I have to wait for another couple of months for it.

Well, it arrived at last. To change the hose is quite straight forward minus those challenging spots which are hard to reach. Alas, bleeding the system is quite a daunting task. Anyway, here are the photos for the whole job.


The part number


Bottom hose need to be replaced, red circle – bleeding nipple

This is where the coolant rested from the leaking spot


Red circle – bleeding nipple


The other end is at the thermostat housing, the hose was not in good shape. Coolant sipping thru the hose clip due to rubber wear.


Disconnected hose


New and old


Done, this is the hardest part to fix


My self made bleeding extender bottle


A few round of vinyl tape to fit the coolant tank neck


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  1. Hello,
    I didn’t see that you wrote about it on the blog, but I want to know how to replace the bulbs on the panel a/c. can you explain me please?

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