Three Strikes! Again?

Mileage: 158,347KM

Another three strikes issue… for the second time and one issue resurfaced again after the fixed long time ago.


To start off with… I had engine check light couple of time before I seriously finding the root cause. All this while, just plugged in the diagnostic machine and erase the fault. Thought it was a intermittent fault as stated in ECU but the error frequently showed up made me proceed to investigate further.


206_coilpack_01Check light


206_coilpack_02Error shown on MFD


206_coilpack_03Fault recorded in ECU (layman term)


206_coilpack_04More info on when ECU detected the issue (P1327 – technical error code)


206_coilpack_06More realtime info on the ignition parameters, seems the ignition timing and coil load not in good threshold


After intensive troubleshooting… looking for more information from the Internet and borrowed another coil as well to confirm the root cause; confirmed, it was the coil pack issue and needed replacement. RM430 for the Bobine.


206_coilpack_07Replacement P/N


206_coilpack_08Yeah! New “Bobine”


206_coilpack_09Once fixed, the parameters reading much more stabilize


Next, second strike. This is repetition of old issue. As expected, it won’t last long and I begun hunting the replacement. The cost was RM200, an used unit from breaker yard plus labor cost of RM80 to fix it.


206_exhaustmanifold_01The cracked unit


Unfortunately, the O2 upstream sensor required replacement. Cost me another RM300.



Final strike was on the next day. After took the car out from garage for the above works, it soon had leaking coolant somewhere in the engine bay. Finally, traced it and it was the thermostat bleeding screw. It was not tightened properly. I thought that was the issue but actually the screw was tighten correctly but it loose due to metal fatigue. My next action of tightening it actually made the thing worse. It was broken from the housing. Luckily, I have spare screw from the previous replacement housing.




206_thermostat_screw_02Red circle, where it is located


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