Rubber Seal

Mileage: 162,312KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

This is more towards aesthetics mod. Considered as revision 2 of original mod to overcome wind and noise intrusion between the two doors at the center pillar.

This mod consist of two sections for one door (top to bottom). I will start with the bottom section first.

Parts from 407, door rubber lining

This was the original mod. Using a simple rubber seal and running along the front door. It did the job marvelously but it does have one issue as the image below…


The rubber seal was not perfectly seat if the rear door shut


We will make use the rear door frame to fit the new rubber lining


Few inches need to cut out to fit the door length nicely


Job done


No more access

Next the top part of the door frame. For this mod, I use parts from Citroen Xsara Picasso.



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