Mileage: 166,332KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Medium

Slight vibrations felt for the last couple of days. Thought it was my engine top mounting… End up, it was something unexpected. The vibrations can be felt on these scenarios…


  • Engine start-up
  • Idling with / without gear engaged
  • Drive off from stand still up to certain speed before diminishing totally
  • Certain road surface

The vibrations feel and sound were constants with engine speed / revolution.

After a thorough check, it was the gearbox mounting. The rubber part was perished and the gearbox was hanged by only the shaft and bounced every time I hit humps or potholes. The changing procedure is quite straight forward but access to heavy tools is needed especially the hydraulic jack to support the gearbox. Dismantling the battery and its tray is required to access to the mounting area.

Enjoy some of the pictures taken during the change processes…


The damaged mounting, did not expect it to crumble up to this point


Spare unit, not new and not old either

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