170K Service

Mileage: 169,611KM

Another routine service for the engine but out of preventive maintenance schedule for the AL4 (gearbox). For the past few weeks, I had  random limp modes on the gearbox. At most, 5 – 6 times in a single trip. Means, 5 – 6 times, I have to restart the car to clear off the limp mode temporarily.



Driving in the limp mode is quite dangerous as you cannot predict the power delivery of the car. Especially when you are on highway, exiting junction or round about. The slowness will caught other traffics unexpectedly. You are limited to 2nd and 3rd gear only with comfortable top speed of 80 km/h, which takes long time to achieve and the growling engine noise will burst your ear drums.

Due to that, I hastened the AL4 service. I experienced this issue couple of months before with limp mode occurrence of once a month and up to as explained above.

After a quick diagnosis, the culprit is the electrovalve (in fact, two of ’em). These valve sometime called as pressure solenoid and the main task is to regulate the gearbox pressure. Need to replace ’em and heard it cost half of a thousand for the part.


Engine oil for this time around


AL4 gearbox oil

This is the best thing of all… the electrovalve. The original, cost half of a thousand, but the same from French diamond brand cost a bit more than half of five hundreds.


Dismantling the valves


The problematic valves


Job done

Two days later, new error surfaced. Because of it was an intermittent, I just erased it. It maybe due to harsh driving after the repair to test out the valve. The multifunction switch could not keep up with it…

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