Two Tones; Twin Horn {Revisited}

Mileage: 177,778KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Moderate

Well, my puggy trombe {english = trumpets | automotive = horns} kaput since… I can’t remember exactly. The single horn is an unpleasant experience to me ears. I can’t pinpoint exactly which one is the issue but alas, will change both. Can refer to this link for my horn upgrade done in July, 2013.

I have been delaying this repair since I noticed the horn does not perform as it should coz it is PITA to replace it. The whole bumper need to be dismantled to access the horns. Let say for the sake of 2017 first article for this blog inspired me to proceed with it…

This time around, I won’t replace the horns with original 206 RC / GTI 180 part or from 307 spare part bin. I will replace it with a pair of horn from my inventory. The challenge is to ensure the replacement won’t harm the existing harness thus few modification needed to achieve this.

Above are some of the twin horn pairs that I have been keeping them for a quite long time. Both scavenged from my previous car. Top is my favorite; Stebel TM80 Magnum – a smooth, natural sound and harmonious trombe with 115db and 410Hz / 500Hz setup. Bottom is Bosch EC6 Compact – a harsh and directed trombe with 110db and 400Hz / 500Hz setup. Current horns is FIAMM with 110db and 405Hz / 500Hz setup. I chose Bosch since it’s compact and I still wanna keep my Stebel from dirt at the moment.


The seasoned FIAMM



Dismantled the connector, the only item needed for the mod. I got the answer for the under performing trombe… it was rust, accumulated and corroded some of the contact pins.


Modification done, the epoxy was used to seal off the exposed connector

Viola, cost me (part only, excluding consumables) around RM70.00 for the horns and 3 hours for the job. Thanks to the “accessible” area for the job.


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  1. Hi Mate, Before i buy a new horn and dismantle my bumper. Can you tell me which polarity the original horn connector has. As i want to swap the original horn with a after-market two tone shell horn.

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