Yokohama AD08 + Koni Yellow Sport

Mileage: 185,151KM

Well, this will be the second round of absorbers and wheels combo replacement for my Pug. The first round was the combination of Eibach Sport Kit with Michelin Pilot Sport 3… and with Bridgestone Potenza Re003 midway due to excessive wear on the front pair. Wheels rotation has been completed and it’s due for a complete replacement.

Koni Yellow Sport adjustable was selected for the replacement and to match with current Eibach 20mm lowered coil spring for the front. The rear axle height remain the same. For the tires, Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 with 205/45/16 size has been chosen. The tire selected has a good reputation on dry tarmac and steering feedback but short on wet compare with Michelin Pilot Sport 3. I could not find a good price for the later is another factor that drove me to try out AD08.

Eibach coil and absorber, traces of oil leaking is clearly visible


Koni Yellow Sport with Eibach coil


Rear absorber


Produced on week 11 / year 2017


Wheel alignment process

Some parts have shown wear and tear, definitely will be on my next list. Enough for this round of blog entry. I will update later once I have tackle other on going issues along the way.

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