Rear Axle Replacement

Mileage: 185,981KM

My rear axle has been giving sign of failures since early this year. It has been worsen since then that I could not bear the clunking noise anymore. Looks like a complete rubber bushing replacement is needed but I opted to replace it with a better specifications.

The replacement axle that I am looking for is only available for 206 SW and RC/GTI180 models. Although some might confuse the axle across these model is the same and resorted to call it as RC axle but it do have some minor differences.

Disregard the stamping on the disc, prep works to replace the 4 rubber bushes

The chosen axle for my ride. It is a 206 1.6 SW axle with 19.5 mm torsion bars and 20 mm anti-roll bar. Compared with my ill fated axle which has 19 mm torsion bars and 19.5 mm anti-roll bar. The cream of the crop for this axle is belonging to RC/GTI180 which has 20 mm torsion bars and 22 mm anti-roll bar. I will upgrade with the latter anti-roll bar once I settled out a few kinks with this replacement axle.

Thanks to the pit crews for their dedication to replace all of them. Notice at the bottom of image, there are sway bars which is unique to SW RC/GTI180 axle. I have to dismantle them at the moment coz need to re-route the exhaust pipe to accommodate these bars. Finally, I have lowered the axle by 3 inches to give a better ride height and dynamics.

Good to have…

  • Stiffer and better rebound axle
  • Sway bars
  • Disc braking system

Thing to do…

  • The ABS system is disengage at the moment due to wrong hub bearing – Done on November, 2017.
  • New brake pads – Done on October, 2017.
  • New brake discs – Done on October, 2017.
  • Fixing the sway bars – Done on November, 2017.
  • Replace anti-roll bar with 22mm bar size

2 thoughts on “Rear Axle Replacement”

    1. Should be no issue for 207SV. But the axle is stiffer and please ensure enough clearance for the sway bars especially on the exhaust side.

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