Steam Up

Mileage: 186,021KM

Duh… temperature risen on the way back from the garage. 30 minutes driving in and out of traffic jam with needle at 100 degree most of the time. Once reach my home, popped up the hood and here is what I found…

Since it was couple of days before Eid al-Fitr holiday, thus I just resorted to patch it up with epoxy and make  a proper repair once the holidays over. I just use my trusted brand of epoxy glue Araldite; a 5-minute adhesive. Bear in mind, this is just a temporary solution and not a fixed or workaround.

Prep the area before the patch up

Due to the earth gravity issue, I had to remove the radiator from the car to do a proper patching. Left it for full 48 hours for the bonding magic. The patch tips above is just for my temporary solution to be able to go to the garage for proper fixing. It may and may not cure the issue but at least it can stand for 30 KM is good for me already.

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  1. HI
    MY CAR IS 206

    1. The correct thermostat rating is 89, and you can change it. It does not need to change every year. Just pay attention to the temperature reading. If it is abnormal, thermostat is the first thing to look at if there is no leaks or loss of coolant.

      1. thanks for reply
        i changed thermostat last year, now car temp is 80. thermostat isn’t working correctly.
        91 thermostat is expensive but 89 isn’t
        tu5 original thermostat is 91
        is 2 degrees temperature important?
        thank you very much

  2. if it is not?i had replace my thermostat but same problem my temp still rise..the mechanic said the problem with the radiator and need to change. And recently my aircond rite now is blowing is had a connection with the rise of the temperature?

    1. The coolant temperature do related to aircond pressure via the cooling fan. The single fan has two speeds, low and high. Switch on aircond and if the high speed fan did not kick in within 1 minute, then you have aircond pressure issue. Without aircond, the single fan (low speed) will kick in somewhere at 98 degree and bring down the temperature to ~90 degree. It will repeat again once it reached 98. With aircond, the high speed fan will kick in if the pressure is too high and the same time maintain the temperature within 90 – 92 degrees. If the temp increases with aircond, either the aircond pressure is not adequate or you still have issue with the cooling system. Did the mechanic do a correct coolant bleeding when changing the thermostat?

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