Blown Fuse, Duh!!!

Mileage: 153,412KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy – based on troubleshooting skill and time taken

My car just died with no apparent tell-tale sign. The engine won’t fire up although numerous time cranking the starter. It happened just when I about to take the basement parking ticket. No choice, had to push the car to clear the parking entry area to a place which I can troubleshoot and find the root cause.

Spent almost 1 hour to find the issue, almost taken out and disconnected all the wiring socket. Alas, I gave up and called the tow service. No point continue coz it was late. Had to send the car to workshop and continue tomorrow.

From the ECU reading, below is what was reported by the engine management unit. Quite a long list of errors.

Further investigation, found out one of the fuse at BSM blew.

No. 15 and it control quite a lot of functions. Refer to the list below on what this tiny fuse responsible for. No wonder a very long list errors, every part related to timing and ignition failed.

The car was stranded for 5 days to find out the cause of the fuse issue. I have used 9 replacement fuses throughout the diagnostic period. As long as I turned the ignition switch on, it pop.

I even opened up the ECU to check whether it fried. No burnt marks on it. Using a test ECU from other car also blew the fuse. ECU kaput is out of the list…

On the fifth day, I managed to pin point the root cause. The heating element at the oil vapor hose short circuit. Since this part do not have any signal wiring, thus the ECU won’t detect the fault. It straight away blew the fuse. Two wires were connected to it, 12V+ & ground.

The hose running along under the intake manifold. The heating element is located in between the manifold.

Disconnected the socket and viola, no more blown fuse. Currently, the  only workaround is to use the car with the socket disconnected. It won’t impact the performance of the engine as the part is use to burn up excess engine oil before entering the combustion chamber via the throttle body and intake hose.

Well, start scouring over the Internet to find the replacement part.

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