170K Service

Mileage: 169,507KM

I purposely delay this service just to have a better way of tracking the service mileage interval. Based on 10K KM service interval, the service was due on 166K KM. Just drove an extra 3.5K KM to get it near 170K KM.

For this service, I had a couple of extra issue need to be rectified. There were leaks at my exhaust side engine valve cover and gearbox gearshift shaft. Both require gasket or seal replacements.

Moreover, for this round. I switched from Amsoil to Motul brand. The engine oil rating still remain the same. Same goes to engine oil filter, I am using Lautretta brand instead of OEM, Purflux etc.


5 liter pack of group IV POA based oil



The replacement seals. P/N 0249.A5 for the valve cover and 2515.22 for the gearshift shaft.


Cover removed and cleaned & prep-ed the surface


The cover


The old gearshift shaft seal


The location diagram of the seal



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