Electric Fold Mirrors

Mileage: 169,300KM
Do It Yourself: Yes
Difficulty: Easy

I have been eyeing to do this mods since I have the car but due to lack of technical information, it was KIV all this while. This mods requires replacement items namely…

  1. Electric foldable mirrors
  2. Power windows switch
  3. Wiring

It was so fortunate that my car build has the main wiring ready since it was rolled out from the factory. Half of the hassle done, just need to add in door wiring from the car A pillar connection block to the side mirrors connection block.

First step is to replace the power windows switch with a unit that has the fold switch function. It looks almost the same as the normal power windows switch albeit an extra notch as shown in red oval below.



Next, the side mirrors. Just need to find the correct part which has the fold motor and the right socket to fit to the door wiring. Do note, 206 side mirrors come in either white or black connection socket.

Foldable side mirrors will have 9 and 7 wires for passenger and driver side respectively versus manual which only has 7 and 5.




To make the mods as per OEM specifications, I have resorted to use extra wires from the donor car. Just plug it in into the respective connection block at the correct pin location. Viola! it is done.


Two wires location at the side mirror connection block


Route the wires accordingly to the pillar access


The two wires at the door pillar connection block, ready to connect to car wiring harness at the pillar



Note: The operation of 206 fold mirrors is a manual task, it won’t automatically fold when switched off or on the ignition (can be done but it was not as PSA intended for this model).

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