Coil Pack – Kaput

Mileage: 175,000 KM

Do It Yourself: Yes

Difficulty: Easy

Leisure drive last night was fun and enjoyable till I hit the accelerator hard; as the RPM rises then suddenly an audible chime and accompanied with “Anti-Pollution Fault” at MFD. Soon after, engine check light lit and the car losses its power and misfiring.

Stop by the roadside and quickly plugged in bluetooth OBD scanner to scan for any fault codes. Viola! Error P0351 appeared. Looks like ignition coil and misfiring on cylinder 1.



With only 3 cylinders and 1.5cc, I managed to bring her home in limping mode. Well, have to wait next day to attend the issue.

The chances to procure new unit is “slim” as this type of PSA engine was not marketed in my country. Importing it will take time to arrive and I desperately need it going as soon as possible. Thus, a used unit is the only way. Luckily, I managed to source a used replacement.

Disconnecting the ignition coil socket
Undo three bolts that secure the coil pack on to the engine
Spoiled unit on the left; replacement on the right
Part numbers

All in all, job done within 45 minutes including PSA Diagbox software to clear off the fault codes.


4 thoughts on “Coil Pack – Kaput”

  1. Hello. This happened to my car as well (207 sedan). Thanks for the info as with all your posts on this blog. May I know what bluetooth OBD scanner are you using and where can i get it, please. Thanks

  2. Any generic bluetooth obd II reader can use. Will work with suitable app like Torque to read and delete fault code.

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