190K Service

Mileage: 189,817KM

Quite a long interval of service. Due to Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns, my lion has not moves around for the past two months.

This round of service, engine oil changed to Motul X-cess. It is a lot cheaper than Total Quartz. This is because of online sales promotion. Benefit of not being allowed to be out of home during the lockdown. Moreover, some works need to be done on intake side valve cover (PSA called it “Admission” / “ADM”). Leaks has been detected due to worn seals.


Engine oil filter, accompanied with 2 x 5 liter Motul


Valve cover seals, ADM uses P/N 0249A4


Clean up some goos at the intake side


The ill fated seal



Some parts due come from other part bins, here is from EW12

That is all from now, a quick lube changed. Covid-19 pandemic reminder… #StayHome & #StaySafe.

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