Dried MFD

Mileage: 195,571KM

DIY to rectify issue with MFD. The display issue was mainly due to dried adhesive. Cost me RM35 for the polarized film replacement and almost 2 hours to complete. Time spent mostly on removing the old adhesive, a bit stubborn. If you have skill with phone screen protector, then it will be a breeze to do the replacement.

Due to day heat and back lighting


Removed the front fascia by unlatching the 6 clips on above and bottom of the part.

Flip up to expose the circuit board. Pull the 4 clips at the side.

The circuit board, not touching it in this DIY.


Gently remove the screen from the slot, flip over and remove the amber plastic. The amber plastic is the one that emitting amber back lighting. Be very careful with the display ribbon wire, if it snapped, you won’t have a working display.


It will be easier, if the whole LCD and circuit board assembly are removed from it casing.


This is the lengthy part in this whole process. Need to scrap off the dried adhesive and clean it up. There are two polarized films per MFD. The front side is usually can withstand the abuse. The one that having the most abuse is the rear film. Thus, I maintained the front side coz it still looks good.

Job done, ensure there is no bubbles when fixing the new film.



4 thoughts on “Dried MFD”

    1. I bought it via Shopee. There is no exact polarized film size for the MFD. Just buy the 90 degrees type for LCD monitor / TV and cut it accordingly. I’m still testing it out to see how far it can last.

  1. Hi bro,this is unrelated to this particular post,but i replaced the original radio with an aftermarket radio few years ago but it wasnt connected to the steering controls. Now i am in the midst of sprucing up my naza bestari. Do you have any idea where to get the steering control adaptor? If you do,can you recommend the place? Appreciate your input

    1. I could not find any local seller selling the adapter. The adapter must be compatible with the head unit and the car model. I bought mine thru e-Bay.

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