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Mileage: 52,179KM Do It Yourself: Yes Difficulty: Easy but time consuming Since I’ve finished the last project earlier than expected. I started to do my final debadging of Naza. The only piece left now is the steering logo. I’ve bought the replacement logo long time

Mileage: 6770KM Today, I went to my hometown as usual on weekends, not every weekends… at least once a month. The only difference for today was I’m driving my Pug, considered today is the first time I’m bringing my lion back to my hometown.

Mileage: 2060KM Do It Yourself: Yes Difficulty: Easy but needs a sharp eyes and steady hands eBay No: 03 Ordered: April 04, 2009 Parcel Source: UK Delivered: April 15, 2009 Cost: 8.99 Pound Sterling I was very anxious waiting for this part and so excited