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Mileage: 159,100KM Do It Yourself: Yes Difficulty: Easy – Messy since it involve coolant 😉 Time to replace the bottom radiator hose. It was bloated since the engine conversion. Too long exposure to engine oil and storage made the rubber soft and bloated.

Mileage: 186,021KM Duh… temperature risen on the way back from the garage. 30 minutes driving in and out of traffic jam with needle at 100 degree most of the time. Once reach my home, popped up the hood and here is what I found…

Mileage: 80,509KM Do It Yourself: Yes Difficulty: Easy In my last entry, I did mentioned that my temperature reading is bit off and giving me -10 degree on optimal engine operating temperature. After some reading and info gathering, I managed to narrow down to two

Mileage: 76,241KM 80K service reached in June. Although the mileage is not reaching the mark, I have decided to do it early as it was time for timing belt as well. Done the service at GeotAuto.   Another 3,759KM to 80K