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Mileage: 143,772KM Do It Yourself: Yes Difficulty: Medium My front brake disc warped! Cruising at 80 KM/H and gently pressed the brake pedal, the whole steering wheel shook badly. Well, it might be the brake disc and pad combo did not live up to my

Mileage: 96,966KM Do It Yourself: Yes Difficulty: Easy Yay!… Wheel nut cover ordered online (after returned it due to wrong size) has arrived. But the joy was short lived as I stumbled with another issue.    

Mileage: 56,796KM Do It Yourself: Yes Difficulty: Medium After almost 60K KM registered, my front brake disc begin to show a sign of giving up. Squealing noise almost noticeable when starting to move the car from a stand still or when slowing down. Seems the